Thomas Draper

Thomas Draper

Perez-Mercader Lab, Rowland Institute
Tom Draper

Thomas Draper completed both his BSc and MSc in Chemistry at the University of Bristol, UK, focusing on catalysis and air-sensitive inorganic synthesis, with Professor Robin Bedford. He earned his PhD jointly under Dr John Turner and Dr Qiao Chen, at the University of Sussex, UK in 2016. His PhD, situated at the inorganic/physical border, involved air-sensitive organometallic synthesis, small molecule activation, heterogeneous photocatalysis, and nanotechnology. Afterwards he worked as a Post-doctoral Research Associate under Professor Andrew Adamatzky at UWE Bristol, UK for 2.5 years, studying the creation, optimisation, and use in unconventional computing, of liquid marbles. He joined Dr Juan Pérez-Mercader’s group as a Post-doctoral Fellow in November 2019 on the “Top-down Synthesis of an Ex-novo Chemical Artificial Living System” project.

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